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  • Fishing (Deep sea)
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  • Fishing (Saltwater)
  • Fly Fishing
  • Game Drives
  • Golf
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hunting
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With the help of still and video cameras, Jannie Parsons (founder) can manage his Bushveld farm – and his leopard project – from a distance.” Shayamanzi uses passive holding pens that are also controlled by cameras. It works very simple: fodder is put into the pen and as soon as an animal approaches, the gate behind him is closed via internet control. Based on the recorded images, the animal can be studied and should it have to stay in the pen, it is led, via distance control, to a next camp. The “live” images are handy when it comes to sales – the moment that they have the animal in the pen and the cameras are focused on it, potential buyers can have a look via the internet and watch as much as they want. This removes all uncertainty as the prospective buyer can closely study the animal. It also reduces catching costs – helicopters and catch teams are not necessary. The stress levels of the animals caught in this way should also be much lower. They can also control the cameras from their laptop, while the gates can also be opened and closed manually should something go wrong with the electronic control system. Instant holding pens can be placed in strategic positions and be watched by camera to catch waterbuck and bush buck, which are very territorial. After this, the animals can be moved to the main pen or camp and the same process can be followed to sell them. The cameras positioned all over the farm gives them the opportunity to identify weak or sick animals, and to either catch them or cull them. Jannie mentions one example where he saw, via the camera images, that a large kudu bull was fighting with another bull, which only had one horn. The one-horn bull had an advantage as their horns couldn’t be lowered against one another. “In such a case the two-horn bull can lose the skirmish easier, and one loses a trophy animal”, explains Jannie. He could step in on time and protect his trophy animal. That exactly is the benefit of electronic equipment – you can immediately see what is going on and do something immediately. One last item for which Jannie’s material comes in very handy is for marketing. “Each farmer should have a website with which to market himself and to communicate with other farmers”, Jannie recommends. Jannie is a man with vision and he looks beyond the horizon. To date his future visions have always been on the mark. He adds with a small smile that he views “virtual tourism” as a major possibility for the future. 


Additional Details

  • Nearest Town/City:Vaalwater
  • Farm size: 1001 - 1500 ha
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • How many guests can you accommodate?: 20+
  • What services and amenities do you offer?: Essentials (Towels. Bedding. Soap. Toilet paper. Bedding), Jacuzzi, Swimming pool, TV, Wifi
  • Mammals & Primates: Blesbuck, Blue wildebeest, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Cape Buffalo, Eland, Giraffe, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Nyala, Reedbuck, Vervet monkey, Warthog, Waterbuck, Zebra
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  • Predators & nocturnal mammals:Aardwolf, African civet, African wild cat, Black-backed jackal, Brown hyena, Caracal, Honey badger, Large-spotted genet, Leopard, Lesser bushbaby, Lion, Serval

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